Princess Chari of Melar

Hi I’m Chari and you don’t meet me until Chapter 5, so if you don’t want spoilers (whatever those are), I’d stop reading now. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t stop reading, because I’d want to know and damn the consequences. It’s sort of the motto I live by.

My parents are the King and Queen of Melar, making me the Princess. They don’t have a lot of time for me, so I take care of myself. Sometimes I get into trouble. Okay, often, but you know, what’s the point of being a Princess if you can’t have some fun.

My parents have a very different idea about life than I do. My father is a jerk. I’m not kidding. You’d think so too if you met him, but you wouldn’t say anything if you were smart because he’s the King and you’d pay for it. My mother is okay, just a bit wrapped up in dealing with my father, which takes up most of her spare time. I’m more or less an afterthought. I mean I know she loves me, but it would be nice to spend some actual time with her.

My transition day is coming soon, and I’ll be a woman. Part of me looks forward to that, because I get a class and skills. Part of me is not, because that means my parents can choose a man for me to marry, and by my parents I mean my father. I can almost guarantee I won’t like that choice. And if they think for one minute I’m going to lay down and walk demurely into the arms of a man who’s probably interested in me for my body and my ability to provide him an heir, then they don’t know me at all. I’d kill myself first, or more likely him. Or run away. It’s not like I can’t defend myself if I need to…I’ve been training with a sword whenever I can. If my parents were around more, they might have noticed. There are advantages to my situation.

In fact, I’m going to see if I can get some practice in now. Stay strong, whoever you are, there are better days ahead, even if we have to make them ourselves.