My name is Chari and I’m not introduced until Chapter 5, so if you don’t want spoilers, you might want to stop reading now. Me? I’d probably keep going. I don’t like being told what to do.

I’m the Princess of the Kingdom of Melar, daughter of King Leonid and Queen Rhea. Most people call me Princess Chari, or Your Highness, but you can call me Chari, since I know we’re going to be friends…at least I hope we’ll be. Because we’ll probably be spending no small amount of time together. Just follow my lead and everything will work out just fine.

A bit about me then. I’m competitive, and very athletic. I love climbing, fighting, practicing with my sword, sparring, archery, ignoring my parents and doing what I want, when I want.

Princess Chari

Not a lot of people around to stop me, since my parents are too busy to take care of me. My father is off somewhere making bad choices about running the kingdom and my mother is trying to fix his mess, which happens more often than probability would suggest is possible.

With little adult supervision, and not many people willing to tell me what to do, I find myself in need of discipline. I won’t get it from others, which is why I have to cultivate it myself. It’s not easy, let me tell you. Still, I think self-discipline is important, especially for a princess.

One day soon, I’ll have to marry some random royal and provide him with an heir. I hope he knows he’s not going to order me around like he owns me. I’d like to see him try. I’m not the kind of girl who you can put into a dress and expect me to attend balls and smile prettily at all the important men. If I’m going to be a queen, I’m going to help rule. May the gods save anyone who thinks they’re going to stop me.