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Welcome to the Book of Lost Wisdom Gallery. Yes, you’re looking at AI Art. Before you run off screaming into the night, let me explain. I suffer from a condition known as aphantasia. I can’t form images in my head. I’ve never been able to. It makes describing things in books difficult.

Over the years I’ve had many issues with description in my writing, and I have overcome some of them to some degree, but I still can’t picture my own world or characters in my head. AI graphics helps level the playing field for me and makes me a better writer. It also gives me inspiration at times. I use it not so much as illustration but as concept art. So hopefully you’ll forgive my use of AI, since I couldn’t possibly pay artists to make something for me and then continually adjust it until it looks right.

This gallery is divided the same way the books are, since keeping all the images on the same page would have been unwieldy.

Finally, clicking on the images will give you more information about that image, in most cases, a character talking directly to you, the reader. I don’t mind breaking the fourth wall from time to time.


Queen Treya of Twyl