My name is Prince Eric. I’m Prince of the Kingdom of Twyl, and I’ve been asked to share with you some personal details, so you might better understand my character. It won’t be easy, because I don’t always understand myself as well as I’d like to.

Though I grew up in the palace in Twyl, I never felt entitled. I’ve had to earn my position. My parents, King Terrence and Queen Treya, have instilled in me some of the less told truths about nobility. Nobles and indeed royalty are people. No one deserves respect, it has to be earned.

My whole family has dedicated themselves to the service of Sheba, the goddess of honor, combat and the hunt. There was never any question that when I reach the age of transition, I will join the rest of my family in service to her. I’ve been taught from childhood that the right thing to do is seldom the easy thing. Doing the right thing is important to me.

Prince Eric

I try to act honorably at all times, and though I sometimes fail, I strive always to be the best person I can be. The best son. The best brother. The best prince. But mostly I strive to serve Sheba.

One day, when I’m older, I’ll take the throne of the Kingdom of Twyl, when my father steps down, but that is still many long years away. Until that time, I’ll learn all I can, for to be a good king you need to possess not just might, but wisdom as well, and attaining the wisdom I need seems very far away. If I’m even a fraction of the rulers my parents are, I will be well satisfied.