My name is Ressssen and I am a serpent lord. Like many of my people, I’m a mage. Unlike many of my people, I’ve strayed far from home to make my name among the other races of the world.

There are many reasons for this decision, but most of those reasons are not for your ears. I don’t know you, and I feel it is unlikely you will ever truly know me.

My family is highly regarded among my people, but I have many siblings, and I am one of the youngest, so I often get overlooked. I came to realize that I tired of being in that situation and set out to gain enough notoriety so that when I returned, I would no longer be treated as a juvenile with no input of value. Being overlooked is the one thing I can not tolerate.

I soon formed my own team, or rather, purchased the


name of an older team that, for one reason or another was no longer doing business–The Misfits of Karmenon. I find it unlikely that the name could ever fit the original team as well as it fits our members, as we are a disparate group of marginalized and forgotten creatures, who all have pasts we wish to leave behind.

But I will not rest until my name is made and I return triumphantly to my home. To bring pride to my family. To show those who doubted me the error of their ways. Even you, whoever or wherever you are, will one day know the name of Ressssen and, with everyone else, you will celebrate the name the Misfits of Karmenon.