My real name is Trace, but everyone calls me Striker, because I’m good with a bow. Really good. I’m a far better shot than people a few levels above me. I even won a few local contests, but those days are all behind me now.

I was born in Death’s Doorstep, and I’ve seen first hand the damage the undead can do when left unchecked. Everyone I know was affected by the Undead War, some of us more than others.

But you don’t get my story for free.  You want to get to know me, you got to spend some time with me. Buy me a beer. Impress me. Show me a good time and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be more positively inclined to share my story with you.

If you’re not willing to meet me half way, I see no reason why I should indulge you. A girl has needs you know.