The Adventurer’s Guild in Pelero is an architectural marvel that dwarfs the surrounding guilds in both size and influence.

The Adventurer’s Guild holds an enormouse amount of influence, particularly in The Allied Kingdoms of Karmenon.  This is due to the guild helping protect the alliance from The Kingdom of Lethe which would have been more than happy to annex them, if they had been less well defended.

Each of the individual kingdoms in the Allied Kingdoms of Karmenon were too small to stand alone, but the combination of all them made them considerably more formiddable. Yet even that wouldn’t have stopped Lethe from marching on them.

The Adventurer’s Guild, feeling that Lethe was bad for business more generally, signed and agreement with the Allied Kingdoms that gave them a seat on the council, something no other guild has ever been offered. As a result, the Adventurer’s Guild is sometimes the deciding vote in close contests.






Adventurer's Guild, Pelaro