As yes, I’ve been expecting you. I see this surprises you. You were surprised last time too. No, we’ve never met. Well, you have never met me, at any rate. I’ve met you many times. It’s true.

You move through time in a linear fashion, one day following the next. I exist outside of time, at least time as you know it. What might be a line to you is more like a spiral to me, or rather, multiple spirals embedded in each other.

No, it’s not complex, it’s just more than the human brain can assimilate. My own mind is much larger as I share it with all my brethren. No offense intended.

Why am I here? Because I was asked to give you some background about the chirkir, so you can better understand us. What do you mean you don’t better understand us? I thought I was quite clear. Oh well, we’ll get it right one of these iterations. In another timeline, possible even yesterday.

The Pelaro Chikir