I don’t have a lot of time, so let’s get to it. I’ve been instructed to introduce myself to you. I have no idea who you are or why you warrant an introduction, but as I won’t be revealing any state secrets, there’s no reason I shouldn’t. My name is Leata, and I’m the chamberlain in the palace in Rish.

I have little time for small talk or nonsense, I have a castle to run and both King Terrence and Queen Treya depend on me to keep things running smoothly. I take great pride in my work.

I was born over 40 years ago to noble parents. I’ve been raised in Rish, but have only started working at the palace about six years ago. I have time for neither friends, nor enemies. I just keep my head down and work. I’m up early every morning, and I’m often the last person to find my way to bed, but I do it happily. The king and queen are worth this kind of devotion.


Things have been quite strange at the palace of late, and it’s growing harder to do my job, but it won’t stop me. Meals have to be prepared, guests have to be looked after and all the myriad details that go into running the palace need to be streamlined, so King Terrence doesn’t have to worry about them. In that small way, I feel like I contribute to the well-being of the Kingdom of Twyl.